Moon Division SIA

Built with

  1. Project: Promotion stands at s/m hallways in the Baltics

  2. Project: TV island stand at store "Euronics", s/m Mols

    Riga, Latvia

  3. Project: Island and endcap stands 

    Latvia, Estonia, Austria

  4. Project: TV wall stand at s/m "Elkor Home"

    Krasta street 60, Riga, Latvia

  5. Project: LG wall stand at store "Euronics", s/c "Lounakeskus"

    Tartu, Lithuania

  6. Project: Wall and island stands at store "Euronics", s/c "Rocca al Mare" 

    Tallinn, Estonia

  7. Project: TV stands in shop "RD Electronics"

    Riga, Latvia

  8. Project: Wall stand in shop "RD Electronics", s/c "Galeria Riga"

    Riga, Latvia

  9. Project: Demo stands at hallways in the Baltics

  10. Project: TV island stands in the Baltics

  11. Project: Led TV stands in s/m hallways